Conclusions from the Funseam Autumn Seminar: Challenges of Non-conventionel Gas

Conclusions from the Funseam Autumn Seminar: Challenges of Non-conventionel Gas  

On October 9 the Spanish Energy Club (Madrid), held the "Funseam Autumn Seminar: Challenges of Non-conventional Gas," which was aimed at operators involved in projects on shale gas exploitation.

The meeting brought together experts in the technological and economic aspects of the exploitation of non-conventional gas. The presentations covered key aspects for the development of shale gas projects, and the regulatory and environmental challenges of this type of gas exploitation.

The intention of the seminar was to create a place for reflection and discussion for those who are interested in working as operators in the market of unconventional gas. Thus the seminar was planned as a technical discussion, aimed at discovering how to technically solve the process of exploration and exploitation of Shale Gas. A major point of discussion was the view of experts on regulation and the creation of a new gas market. 

The main conclusions of the seminar were:
The use of Shale Gas resizes the energy market, particularly gas, behaving like a new subsector.
Shale Gas is viable and competitive, but causes changes in world energy markets, and will especially lead to the gas market offering new opportunities for new operators, average prices will be lower in the interests of consumers, essentially as a result of new technological developments.
Obtaining Shale Gas has less environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions as a substitute for coal in electricity generation.
From October FUNSEAM will publish monthly videos of the presentations of this seminar.
* In the picture from left to right: Ms. Marina Serrano (Attorney Of Counsel Pérez-Llorca, State Attorney, former Counselor CNE.), Ms. María Teresa Costa Campi (Director Chair of Energy Sustainability UB-Funseam) and Mr Javier Ripoll (Manager of Environmental management and Sustainability. URS Spain). 
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