Salient aspects of the reports on the 2nd provisional liquidation 2015 CNMC

Salient aspects of the reports on the 2nd provisional liquidation 2015 CNMC  


These reports emphasize that the temporary mismatch of the electricity sector to December 2014 amounted to 465 million euros. It warns of the limited relevance of this settlement due to the gap between the income statement and the liquidation of the various items of cost.

Regarding the items prescribed it is noted that in relation to changing consumer demand and access toll revenues, both are below the range of historic variation for such a period 2. In particular, consumer demand registered in the liquidation 2/2015 (23,398 GWh) has been 2.1% below the average value observed in previous years.

Moreover, the regulated costs have been 136,8 millions of Euros less than expected, due to a lower cost in the capacity payments (-52,7 millions of Euros) and the cost of the renweable production, high-efficiency cogeneration and residues (-90 million of Euros).

As regards the report on Renewable Energies, cogeneration and residues, the amount to pay by the producers in the period increases to 487,413 millons euros, before VAT or equivalent tax, after discounting the corresponding quantity in 2015 and already paid in the previous period.

Finally, as regards the report of the gas sector, it is reported that the imbalance increased to 538 millions euros, 65,2% more than the previous year.

Source: CNMC

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