FUNSEAM International Simposium

The FUNSEAM International Symposium is celebrated annually since 2013 in order to give answers to questions that the sector has in mind. In the last Symposiums, different topics such as “Energy Markets and Sustainability”, “Innovation and Energy Sustainability” or “Corporative Social Responsibility in the frame of the energy and environmental sustainability” have been discussed and talked about.

6 y 7 de Febrero de 2017

6 de Febrero de 2017 - V Simposio Empresarial Internacional Funseam: Los Retos del Sector Energético
7 de Febrero de 2017 - V International Academic Symposium: Challenges for the Energy Sector

2 - 3 February 2015

2nd February 2015. III Simposio Empresarial Internacional Funseam: Mercados y sostenibilidad para un sector energético competitivo
3rd February 2015. III International Academic Symposium: Energy Markets and Sustainability

27 - 28 January 2014

27 de Enero de 2014 - II Simposio Empresarial Internacional Funseam: Innovación y Sostenibilidad Energética
28 de Enero de 2014 - II International Academic Symposium: R&D on Energy

28 - 29 January 2013

28 de Enero de 2013 - I Simposio Empresarial Internacional Funseam: Responsabilidad Social Corporativa en el ámbito de la sostenibilidad energética y ambiental
29 de Enero 2013 - I International Academic Symposium: Energy Sustainability and Competitive Markets