The Mediterranean energy sector: the role of independent regulators  

April 2016

Report made by Veronica Lenzi, Research and Scientific Manager. MEDREG - Mediterranean Energy Regulators.


Mediterranean energy markets have historically been subject to the sways of politics. This has made investments in the region difficult, both among North African countries and between North Africa and the EU. Energy regulators are the public authorities tasked with the creation of secondary legislation that promotes a balanced development of the grids as well as successfully protect the rights of consumers in the electricity and gas domains. Since 2007, MEDREG, the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators, gathers National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) of the region with the scope to promote a common framework of rules that can support trade, ensure security of supply and harmonize technical standards to the benefit of enterprises and consumers.
The scope of this paper is to provide a clear set of information on the energy condition of the Mediterranean area and give insights on the role that energy regulators play to foster a fair and harmonized regulatory environment capable of improving and balancing conditions for investors and consumers. 
This paper starts with an overview of the current condition of regional energy markets and identifies the main challenges that have to be addressed to ensure that development of the energy sector keeps up with growing demand. It then provides a series of recommendations on the steps regulators considered pivotal to re-launch energy investments in the Mediterranean basin. The third section moves to the other side of the energy market, i.e., consumers, and sheds light on the role national regulatory authorities play in supporting access to the grid. The fourth section concludes.
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